What To Do If You Find a Wasps Nest In Your Home

Have you found your home to be a victim of wasp infestation? Unsure what to do? Check out five of our most helpful and safest tips.

1. Don’t Water or attempt to Attack a Wasp Nest

Quite possibly one of the worst things you can do is to attack the wasp nest, as this can agitate the wasps, which can make them very aggressive and start wanting to attack.

2. Cover Your Face, Arms and Legs

Simple tip. Ensure you are fully clothed, in case the wasps become aggressive and start to attack. If your arms, face and legs are also visible – this can cause some serious harm.

3. Keep Children and Pets out of Sight

With wasps, there is no negotiation and they will attack anything that moves – so be sure to keep children and pets far away from the wasp nest.

4. Be Discreet or Avoid the Wasp Nest

No matter where your wasp nest is located, be discreet as wasps will become agitated with any movement nearby. Better yet, avoid going anywhere near it!

5. Call a Professional!

The final and most important tip, call a professional wasp exterminator, who will remove the wasp nest safely and quickly as possible.

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