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For more than 30 years, we have continuously dealt with pest control problems and wasp nest removals throughout Bedford and surrounding areas. Since we started in 1988, we have built a solid reputation among customers for our reliability and quick response times. We keep all the testimonials sent to us by grateful clients many of who recommend us to new customers.

Wasp Nest Removal Bedford

Much of our work throughout the summer involves the removal of wasp nests in and around Bedford. You should never try to do this yourself, there can be thousands of wasps in a nest and they can get extremely angry if disturbed. Wasp nest removals should always be left to the experts. Our wasp nest removal services start from £40.00 + VAT. As we are based in Bedford, our wasp removal specialists can be with you in no time.

What Problems Do We Treat?

With the exception of woodworms, we deal with numerous problems caused by insects, rodents and birds. We are reliable, professional and local, which means that we will react speedily to your call. In most cases, come out to you on the same day, when this simply isn’t possible, one of our experts will be with you within 24 hours.

What Do We Do?

We provide a comprehensive service. Our first job is to neutralise any danger and remove the pest using the latest industry-standard products and procedures. Then, we install proofing so that, where possible, it doesn’t reoccur. Finally, we offer to work with you on an on-going basis, to make sure the proofing we have applied to buildings and premises remains in place and working effectively. For this purpose, we offer commercial customers competitive contracts.

Rodent Extermination & Control

Mice and rats are a real nuisance and can carry serious diseases. Rats carry Weil’s Disease which can present a serious threat to life. For businesses dealing in food, an infestation can result in the closure of the premises. Mice and rats are secretive creatures and it is often difficult for you to know just where the problem is coming from. If you are in need of rodent control or rodent extermination services for your property in Bedford, we are always here to help. We also deal with the removal of rabbits and squirrels. Should they get into your loft or wall cavities, squirrels can cause significant damage, including chewing through electrical wiring.


If you have a problem with pigeons and their droppings, we can solve it for you. We can remove the droppings and bird-proof the building. We can also remove the nests of other birds that have built them in the eaves of your house or on other buildings. We can also provide pigeon-proofing to solar panels on your roof.

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Should you require our pest control services at your domestic or commercial premises in Bedford, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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We are a family business, with over 20 years experience in pest control. We are fully insured and approved by all local authorities and provide a friendly and efficient pest control service.

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