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Professional & Friendly Pest Control in St Neots

Here at Ace Pest Control provides a comprehensive and professional service to the St Neots area. We deal with almost all types of pest issues and aim to work to your specific needs to help eradicate the problem. From our location in Bedford, we endeavour to reach customers within 24 hours, allowing for a travelling time of around 40 minutes. Established in 1988, our friendly, family-run business has extensive experience in dealing with pests. Whether you’re concerned about insect infestations, troublesome rodents, or birds; we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with each situation.

Pest Control for Your Home

We understand the seriousness and distress caused by unwanted pests in the house; especially when families and children are present. This is why we respond to all domestic calls, ensuring the problems are dealt with safely and with great efficiency.

Commercial Pest Control for Local Businesses

Ace Pest Control also caters for commercial properties. Serious pest issues can cause long-lasting devastation to local businesses in St Neots. We can provide specific contracts for each business in order to stop any further problems. This will be offered to a wide range of buildings and types of premises including offices, schools, restaurants, warehouses and most others.

Wasps, Bees & Other Insects

Our company will help control a wide variety of insects, with wasps and bees being the most common difficulty. This is predominantly a major issue in the warmer summer months as the new nests are formed. It is vital that these nests are dealt with as soon as possible before the situation gets worse. Other common insects that we would typically be asked to eliminate are flies, ants and fleas.

Rats, Mice & Other Rodents

Rodents can be just as troublesome and bring some serious hygiene issues with them. It is possible that disease can be carried by these small animals, and you may not even be aware of a problem. Rats and mice usually go through rubbish bags or look for unwanted food. They can be found in a variety of places, and would normally stay away from people. It is, of course, essential that we deal with any rodent issue urgently.


Feral pigeons can also cause a major annoyance in public places. Not only do these birds create a substantial mess; they bring more potential health problems to humans. We have the expertise to control them effectively.

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We are fully committed and motivated to help control all these pest problems and more in St Neots. With excellent customer ratings and a great reputation, we provide a quality service at a price you can afford. Our company is extremely professional and approved by all local authorities. We would like to help solve your problems and extinguish all the misery associated with pests.

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We are a family business, with over 20 years experience in pest control. We are fully insured and approved by all local authorities and provide a friendly and efficient pest control service.

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