What Are The Most Common Pests in A Commercial Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a busy place in any restaurant and can, very easily, become infested with many different pests. At Ace Pest Control, we’ve identified 3 key pests that can cause serious issues and we’ve covered the best ways to prevent it from happening.


Rats and mice are the most commonly known pests and in any kitchen, they can cause havoc, especially in a commercial one. Restaurants are the perfect breeding ground as they offer warmth, space to hide and ample supply of food. Preventative methods can often help to reduce the chances of getting them in the first place. Place all food in airtight containers and if located in an open, rural area, the place specially designed trapped outside too.


The most common type of crawling insect found in restaurants are cockroaches. They like to shelter in dark spaces including cracks and holes in the walls. The same as many other pests, cockroaches hunt out small warm spaces with easy access to any food supplies. 


There are a few different kinds of flies you’re likely to find in a commercial kitchen and the most common are fruit, house, common and phorid flies. Although they can all be drawn to a kitchen for a different reason, they are all hazardous and can cause major issues for your business. Poor sanitation, food odours and decaying food create an inviting environment for these pests and can cause a major outbreak too.

Preventing Pests

Although it may seem obvious, the best way to stop an infestation is to take preventative actions to stop and reduce the chances of it happening in the first place. Implement strict hygiene procedures before, during and after any food handling measures. Make sure any food is stored correctly and in airtight containers once the packaging is opened. We’d also recommend removing rubbish quickly and properly, ensuring it is kept outdoors until collection. Regular inspections of your kitchen are an important way to keep it safe and pest free.

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