The Effects Of Pigeon Nests Under Solar Panels

By 2020 experts believe that 10 million homes in the UK will be equipt with solar panels as ‘renewables’ becomes more efficient and easier to run. Although solar panels are a great way to generate clean energy, they do come with some ownership problems. The dark photovoltaic panels attract light which radiates heat. This heat makes the space under your solar panels an ideal home for birds, particularly during winter months. 

Solar panels on house

Why Pigeons Are A Problem

There are multiple reasons why pigeons are a problem, some of the main ones are included below.


Pigeons, however, do produce around 15kg of fouling per year which when deposited on your panels, can cause problems. Not only does it cause a lot of mess, but can reduce the efficiency of your panels by 30%, resulting in less energy being provided, therefore, you may need to top up your solar panels with energy from the grid. Even if you do have self-cleaning solar panels they do not work with bird droppings as they only clean dust and dirt.


If the pigeons have been living under the solar panels for some time, there will be a large amount of fouling build-up. Pigeon droppings can cause irreversible damage to your panels if actions are not taken, and will dramatically increase the rate of corrosion.

pigeon nest
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Due to pigeons and other animals making a home for themselves under these solar panels they may dislodge or chew the wires, and fill up the underside with nesting material. This can cause the panels to stop working altogether or sometimes can cause potential fire hazards, putting homeowners and neighbours at risk.


What You Can Do

Calling a professional is essential to keep your solar panels working seamlessly. There is a number of ways that a professional pest control company can pigeon proof the panels, including either wrapping them in a wire mesh to stop pigeons from getting underneath or placing spikes on the edge of the panels as this no longer gives them a comfortable place to settle. 

There are also things you can do to make your property less appealing to pigeons and other pests:

  • Making sure your garden is clean with no food scraps
  • Store rubbish bags in secure bins with lids
  • Clean up any pet food or bird droppings
  • Keep gardens as leaf and twig free as possible or the pigeons will use it for their nests
Raking leaves
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Ace Pest Control

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