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Pest Services - Wasps & More
Bedford, St. Neots

We offer pest control to both domestic and commercial customers across the Bedfordshire region. This includes Bedford, Luton, Biggleswade, St Neots and surrounding areas. Our services include the safe and efficient removal of a variety of pests that make homes uninhabitable, and businesses non-operational. In the case of bees we are beekeepers and will endeavour to move swarms rather than destroy them.

Wasp & Bee Infestations

Bee InsectsBee and wasp infestations are not only a severe nuisance, but can also provide significant danger to people in a house or business premises. A nest can hold thousands of the insects, and if provoked, can become angry and pose a threat to people and animals. Usually they are found in corners and sheltered parts of a building where they will, more often than not, go completely unnoticed.

Were an infestation to affect your business, the results could be the temporary closure of the business while the problem is dealt with, something nobody wants. Wasp or bee nests should always be dealt with as soon as possible, so feel free to give us a call and we will arrive as soon as possible to clear up the situation.

Rats, & Mice Removal

Rats, vermin and other types of rodents are also problematic in both domestic and commercial environments. Whilst not only providing hygiene issues in both instances, due to the secretive nature of the animals it can be difficult to pinpoint when you have a problem as they like to hide when humans are present.

As with wasp and bee infestations, a rodent infestation should also be dealt with instantly as they can potentially carry disease, or spread disease through their droppings. In a food based business, the result can be the full closure of the company for breaching the Health & Safety requirements.

Give us a call on 01234 838 391 for fast and reliable assistance.

Pigeons, Moles & Other Pests

ACE Pest Control also deals with other pests that can be troublesome to domestic and commercial premises in the Bedfordshire area. If you're suffering infestations from any of the following pests, give us a call. If you are having problems with another, similar type of pest to the ones listed on this page give us a call and we'll see if we can help.

Pigeons Moles Rabbits Squirrel

Feral pigeons are common pests and shouldn't be allowed to nest for health and safety reasons.

Mole traps can be safely set up to remove a mole problem from any property. They are often a nuisance to gardeners as well as sports pitches and Golf Courses.

Burrowing rabbits can be trapped and removed from gardens. Rabbits can cause problems to plants, crops, trees and lawns.

Similarly to rabbits and moles, a squirrel problem can be dealt with efficiently. Squirrels can often do damage to property often accessing lofts and chewing through cables.

InsectsOther Insects
Biggleswade, Sandy & Ampthill

In addition to wasps and bees, we deal with other insect pests that can be just as problematic. Our services include the removal of:

  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches

As with our other pest control services, we operate throughout Sandy and Ampthill working to rid both commercial and domestic properties of insect infestations through safe and efficient means. Give us a call to find out how we can help with your insect infestation.